Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Cody Webb uses EMG pickups

Very excited to announce my sponsorship deal with EMG Pickups!  It's an honor to be part of the EMG family along with an incredible roster of musicians including James Hetfield of Metallica, Gene Simmons of KISS, and my buddies in Hinder to name a few.

I've been using EMG pickups for years.  Before I tried my first set of EMGs I was constantly looking for a pickup that could handle lower tunings without sounding muddy.  I wanted a high output pickup that would capture the detail without all the feedback.  I needed a pickup with no restrictions.

Thanks to EMG, my arsenal of pickups allows me to go after any guitar sound imaginable.  Right now I'm loving the 81, 85, 81X, 60X, 57, & 66.  If you haven't tried a set of EMG pickups, do yourself a favor and take them for a spin.  - Cody

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